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I will develop a medium-sized application which has client side javascript and ajax calls to server side(server can be vary of asp, php, node..).

I want to build everything on javascript events and manage these events in one js file because of to make it maintain easly.

I have started to bind all events on $ object which for call and bind js objects easly. Do you know any framework or tutorial to handle this?

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You need some sort of pub-sub / Event Emitter library. Here's a 20-liner EventEmitter class called MicroEvent which you could use for starters. If you happen to use jQuery, it also has custom events management using on, off and trigger, which works the same way as any other Event Emitter library.

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You are absoulutly right and I'm using on, off, trigger but I want to find a way manage these events in one file, class etc. Because every element will have event and submit. I don't want to use them in every '$(function(){})' . – uzay95 May 11 '13 at 10:08

Probably are you looking for this:

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