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This Markdown code:

# Introduction

Turns into this HTML code when compiled with Pandoc:

<h1 id="introduction"><a href="#introduction">Introduction</a></h1>

The way I use Markdown:

  1. Generate HTML document
  2. Edit it in MS Word to add page numbering
  3. HTML version goes to blog, MS Word version goes to uni submissions

In CSS I can override link colors if they are inside H# tags, but MS Word has problems interpreting hierarchy of CSS overrides... and ends up with wrong colors anyway.

Is there a way to generate HTML without headings being wrapped in anchor tags, like below?

<h1 id="introduction">Introduction</h1>
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Maybe I misread, but you realize that you can export from pandoc to word format directly? –  mb21 Nov 14 '13 at 12:20

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In case there is no solution, here is a little PHP script I wrote to remove tags from headings that must be run on the resulting HTML file:

// Usage: php cleanheadings.php myhtmlfile.html

// Check that arguments were supplied
if(!isset($argv[1])) die('No input file, exiting');

// Load file
$content = file_get_contents($argv[1]);

// Cut out the <a> tag
$heading = '/(<h[123456] id="[\w-0-9]+">)(<a href="#[\w-0-9]+">)(.+)(<\/a>)(<\/h[123456])/mu';
$clean   = '$1$3$5';

$cleanhtml = preg_replace($heading,$clean,$content);

// Write changes back to file
file_put_contents($argv[1], $cleanhtml);
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