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Is it possible to block specific udp packet using iptables?

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for example I want to block packet containing bd 65 like at line 3, that is a sequence number of RTP packet

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Iptables is not able to block packet based on its payload[1].

You need Deep Packet inspection(DPI) in order to filter such a packet.

I've never use it but it seems that http://l7-filter.clearfoundation.com/ could help you.

Notice : DPI may slow down your throughput. and moreover, there are a lot of legal restriction in some area....

[1]: You may ask iptables to block packet matching a string (try : iptables -m string --help )

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Yes, the iptables "u32" module will allow you to take action on bit/byte values at a given offset (even with variable-length headers). The syntax is extremely ugly, but it will get the job done. Search for "iptables u32" and you'll find details & examples.

The line would look something like this:

... -m u32 --u32 "44&0xFFFF=0xBD65" -j DROP

(grab a 4-byte chunk starting at offset 44, AND with 0xFFFF, compare with 0xBD65)

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