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Hello everyone I am trying TFS 2012 express on my home server (just to try) and everything is fine.

Source control on my c# solution works! However, I am unsure where the source code repository of my solution resides for TFS 2012 express?

Does a "Check in file" from the solution save "ONLY" on the Sql express database?

Can you please explain to me and suggest a good site for documentation relating to TFS 2012 express.

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TFS 2012 Express stores your source control repository in a SQL Express database, which is installed locally during setup.

You can also sign up for Team Foundation Service which hosts your source control in the cloud. It is free just like the express desktop edition for up to 5 team members.

Here are several links you can use to learn more about TFS 2012:

  1. Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Express 2012
  2. MSDN Team Foundation Server2012
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