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I had written code (in C#) about to import csv file using filehelper. I am facing one issue that if file contain any &mdash (—) than it would replace by ? character (not exact ? instead some special character as per shown in below image)

enter image description here

How can i handle this by code?


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you can check by setting the Unicode to see if it is a special character. And if you are going to store in db, you can use the nvarchar data type – saravanan May 11 '13 at 13:25
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How your stream reader object is created ? Have you provided any specific encoding to it ? I think you should try if not yet, as default encoding can not be detected while there is no BOM defined.


The character encoding is set by the encoding parameter, and the buffer size is set to 1024 bytes. The StreamReader object attempts to detect the encoding by looking at the first three bytes of the stream. It automatically recognizes UTF-8, little-endian Unicode, and big-endian Unicode text if the file starts with the appropriate byte order marks. Otherwise, the user-provided encoding is used. See the Encoding.GetPreamble method for more information.

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