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I have a problem with spaces using perl. I'm taking my informations from a db and I'm using them for a query string, but if there is a space, I can't validate my page.

<a href="fish.cgi?fish=White Shark">White Shark</a>

Is there something I can do?

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urlencode the string. – jordanm May 11 '13 at 14:51

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Turn your URLs into URI objects which will take care of all escaping and normalization for you. They can also be used as strings.

use URI;

# Prints fish.cgi?fish=White%20Shark
print URI->new("fish.cgi?fish=White Shark");

I'd recommend this over individually escaping URIs. Once you have a URI object, you know it's safe to use.

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You can replace the spaces in links with %20 which is the URL-encoded version for a space. You may have to strip this out again after it's been posted, not quite sure.

Example: site would be encoded as

So your version would be fish.cgi?fish=White%20Shark, this should post properly.

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Thanks Amon, first answer of the day, pretty sleepy :) – Senjai May 11 '13 at 16:53

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