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I found lots of implementations of Geohash, for lots of technologies. But I wasn't be able to find anyone for Oracle.

Does anyone know how to use Geohash in Oracle? Is there any Geohash implementation? I would need a encoder and decoder, but the encoder is most important for me.

Thank you!

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I assume you have the lat,lon data of the objects, then I would take an implementation in Java like this one and create a java class (>= version 10g).

Also have a look on the wiki entry about geohashing in case you want to use the hash for proximity searches.

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Thank you kiwiwings. My question was related exclussively to Oracle. I'd want to encode and decode geohashes directly from Oracle database, using the lat,lon already stored in the db. – Nicolas Rodriguez May 14 '13 at 17:01
Apart from the wiki link, the answer was exclusively for oracle. You know, that similar to plsql, you can create a java class in the schema, which can be called either from plsql or also as a function from sql. Regarding the processing speed, you'll need to test it, if it's sufficent for your amount of data. – kiwiwings May 14 '13 at 20:57

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