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I am just taking my first steps into the SASS-world. I set up everything, created a new project and downloaded the SASS port of normalize.css.

Inside the folder that holds all my SASS files, I have a folder called "normalize". That holds a file called normalize.scss, that holds a mixin that again imports some other mixins that contain the actual CSS-code.
On top of my screen.scss I simply have @import "normalize/normalize";.

screen.scss is compiled into screen.css, which is used by my index.html. Taking a look at that page in the browser, the normalize has taken effect. But when I look at screen.css, I don't see the normalize code.

To make sure I am importing/loading the correct files, I pasted this on top of normalize.scss: /*! normalize.css v2.1.1 | MIT License | git.io/normalize */.

As this comment does show up in screen.css, I know that I am using the right files, but still: Is it normal that the actual normalize CSS-code does not show up in screen.css but still takes effect in the browser? How is this supposed to work?

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If it is working your CSS must be linked in some way to the HTML file; Sass is very powerful but not that much. :D Are you using it in RoR? Assets pipeline is sometimes a weird thing. Any link or jsfiddle to have a look? –  pzin May 11 '13 at 17:09
possible duplicate of SCSS Partials for .css files without changing the filename –  cimmanon May 11 '13 at 21:58

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Ok, this was really stupid from me. I've written @import "normalize/normalize";, but after that I of course need to include it like @include normalize where 'normalize' is the mixin's name. oh well!

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