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Can anyone provide a function to sanitize input for a UniData query? Or provide a list of things to remove?

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Here's a list of characters reserved by UniQuery:

 " double quote
 ' apostrophe (single quote)
 / forward slash
 [ left square bracket
 \ back slash
 ] right square bracket
 ^ caret

You can write a quick function that takes a string, does a SWAP for each of these characters--you can swap with the ISO 8859-1 decimal code (e.g., ] for ])--and returns the sanatized string.

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Use CONVERT to drop the single illegal characters all at once, then SWAP to delete the illegal multi-character strings.

Building on the other answers, you get this:

CONVERT ( '"' : "'/[\]^" ) TO "" IN USER.DATA
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In addition to Rob Sobers answer also look for triple .'s/ These can be used as wildcards depending on the mode you are running in, much he sames as [ and ].

EDIT for the comment:

I haven't got an instance in front of me to test this about, but I believe you can change it by explicitly setting the ECLTYPE to 'P' in the 'UOLOGIN' paragraph in the VOC file.

UOLOGIN is like LOGIN. It is called when a session is first created. The difference being that UOLOGIN is called for UniObjects sessions

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How do you change the UniObjects.NET mode from using ... to using [ and ] ? –  thames Jul 8 '11 at 19:58
Probably best to post that as a separate question? –  Dan McGrath Jul 9 '11 at 2:08
:) Asked: stackoverflow.com/questions/6632702/… –  thames Jul 9 '11 at 4:26

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