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I have a tkinter spinbox:

sb = Spinbox(frame, from_=1, to=12)

I would like to set the default value of spinbox to 4. How do i do this ?

i have read this thread where Bryan suggests setting


But i did not get the logic behind it.

What has delete and insert to do with setting default values ?

Any further insight would be appreciated.


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sb.delete(0,"end") is used to remove all the text from the Spinbox, and with sb.insert(0,2) you insert the number 2 as the new value.

You can also set a default value with the textvariable option:

var = StringVar(root)
sb = Spinbox(root, from_=1, to=12, textvariable=var)
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thnks..textvariable worked great :) –  tao May 12 '13 at 4:01

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