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My form (Form1) has a picture box, which I need to access from another class (Logic.cs).

How do I do this?

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Does your Logic class instantiate Form1 and then try to set an image the picture box? Posting some relevant code will help. –  Grant Winney May 11 '13 at 19:32

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you can pass you Form1 PictureBox as a parameter to Logic.cs in constructor


Form1 when you call login.cs

login t = new test(this.pictureBox1);

in login.cs counstructor

    PictureBox s;
    public login(PictureBox p)
        s = p;

you can do it in to login.cs make a picture box and the pass it to From1

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You should write a public property for it.

Assuming your picture box is called pictureBox1, then write this property inside form1:

public PictureBox MyPictureBox
        return pictureBox1;

From inside your other class you will need a reference to the form. If it is called myForm you would access the picture box as myForm.MyPictureBox;

If your Logic class doesn't have a reference to the form, you will need to supply it. If the class that creates the Logic class also creates the form, it can pass a reference to the Logic class.

It would be better, if your Logic class only requires the PictureBox, to pass the PictureBox to it rather than the whole form.

Something like: Logic logic = new Logic(form1.MyPictureBox);

so that only the PictureBox part is passed to Logic's constructor.

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