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I want the height of the page to be unlimited if the content requires this. Can anyone help me here. Here is the page with content being cut off at the bottom and the bottom of the div not showing:

Here is a page showing the bottom of the div:

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You assigned max-hiehgt:960px to ##container which won't reduce the size if the inner divs are smaller than that value, try to use height:auto and add clear:both CSS property. – Core May 11 '13 at 19:36
Why is there position:absolute style assigned to .page4authorwork div? It works fine without that. Try it on your own. – Pavel S. May 11 '13 at 19:40

Just change:

.page4authorwork { position: relative;

and add

.main { height: auto;

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I hope, that's what you're looking for: min-height, to set the minimum height of a div.


<div style="min-height: 100px;">
... your content ....
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I see a closing head on line 9, but your head opening tag is on 317.

Looks like you could clean up your head element, and maybe your body element will build as it should.

it's failing in the html validation.

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