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I have defined a function in a class called Receiver that extends the Broadcast Receiver. The code of the function is like this:

public List<DatabaseRow> ToUpload()
             sampleDB =  openOrCreateDatabase(TABLE_NAME, MODE_PRIVATE, null);
             // sampleDB.execSQL("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS "+ TABLE_NAME);
         List<DatabaseRow> list;
         Log.v("TEST", "Size: "+ list.size() );
         int tot = list.size();
    //   return list;
          for (int i=0; i < tot; i++)
           { Log.v("Video id: "+ list.get(i).id, "Video_path: "+ list.get(i).video_path);
           return list;
         // list.get(0).video_path
        // Log.v("TEST", "Size: "+ list.get(0).title);


It estract some rows of a database. In Eclipse I get an error MODE_PRIVATE cannot be resolved to a variable. I have tried to define the same function in an activity and it works. What' s the problem in the Broadcast Receiver and what I have to do to fix it. I have already imported Context.

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MODE_PRIVATE is an integer declared in the Context class. The activity class inherit from Context which makes MODE_PRIVATE directly accessible from every activity.

BroadcastReceiver does not inherit from Context and MODE_PRIVATE is therefore not directly accessible.

Since it is public static you can access it like this:

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If I try to insert Context.MODE_PRIVATE like this: sampleDB = openOrCreateDatabase(TABLE_NAME,Context.MODE_PRIVATE, null); The error on MODE_PRIVATE disappear but I get an error on the function saying: The method openOrCreateDatabase(String, int, null) is undefined for the type Receiver. –  user2312945 May 12 '13 at 9:32
@user2312945 It is the same problem. BroadcastReceiver does not contain a method called openOrCreateDatabase. It is declared in Context. You need a reference to your context to call that method. Such a reference is eg. provided in the onReceive method of your receiver. –  MAV May 12 '13 at 10:02
So what I should do in practice? –  user2312945 May 12 '13 at 11:23
@user2312945 You should get a reference to your Context so you can write context.openOrCreateDatabase(..). In the onReceive method the context is given as a parameter. If possible, use that one and pass it to your ToUpload method. –  MAV May 12 '13 at 21:15

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