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Using a backbone collection I am trying to fetch JSON from a page. However browsing to this page does give me a JSON, using the collection.fetch does not.

Looking in Firebug I see a:

"GET http://survey/api/list_surveys    200 OK    4ms"

This text however is in red and the Response tab is empty.

The Model:

var SurveyList = Backbone.Model.extend({

    defaults: {
        "sid": "",
        "title": '',
        "surveyUrl": ""

    initialize: function() {
        console.log('MODEL AANGESPROKEN');


The collection:

var Surveys = Backbone.Collection.extend({

    model: BGGZ.SurveyList,

    url: 'http://survey/api/list_surveys'



    "surveyls_title":"test 1",
    "surveyls_title":"Test 2",

Does anyone has a solution? I already tried a parse in the collection, but this didn't help.

Might this has something to do with json with padding? If so How can I resolve this?

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are you doing cross origin request? – usoban May 11 '13 at 21:15
just a heads up, but your defaults don't match the properties that you're receiving. defaults.title & response.surveyls_title – Cory Danielson May 12 '13 at 0:28
One guess is that you have a MIME TYPE problem. Maybe your back-end is configured by default to accept application/xml and it should be application/json ? (just a guess...) Whats your back-end stack look like? RoR? Node? – Cory Danielson May 12 '13 at 0:31
At the back-end I am using PHP which expects a post or a get. It will echo a json encoded array. I don't know what Backbone will ask for, however when I use dataType = "JSON" or "JSONP" it won't change anything. – BonifatiusK May 12 '13 at 20:13
@BonifatiusK could you extend the question with the code where you're actually fetching this collection? – akoskm May 13 '13 at 6:59

So I found the solution here. As this is a remote server I am getting the json from I can use JSONP.

In the collection.fetch() Backbone uses jQuery's $.ajax() method to get the data. So you can place your $.ajax settings in the fetch:

myCollection = new Surveys();

    dataType: "jsonp",
    success: function(data) {
    error: function() {


Now this will not work if your API doesn't expect a JSONP. JSONP will give a callback parameter to your API. So did your API call first looked like this:


with JSONP it will now look like this:


Your API should not return the standard JSON, because jQuery / backbone is expecting the data in a callback function.

if the JSON first looked like this:

    "surveyls_title":"test 1",

you must now add the API to this callback function:


    "surveyls_title":"test 1",


Now you're done.

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