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I am kinda to new this curl business, I have WAMP and curl has been commented out on the php.ini so its working, however i thought that i could run from the command line something like

curl or curl -o example.html

to see the results in the command line, however it doesnt seem to be working, which command line are they refering to? i am trying to do it on the windows command line or can it only be done on linux

'curl' is not recognized as an i
operable program or batch file.

sorry for my noobiness

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PHP ships with the DLL component only. You need to install the curl command line utility from cURL website.

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Ah, i see i will download it straight await – J.D May 11 '13 at 22:45

curl isn't included with Windows. You'll need to download a Windows binary and put it somewhere in your PATH.

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