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Hi I am wondering how to go about reversing a singly linked list. From the examples I've looked at so far, the reverse methods have void as their return type and I need one that has singly linked list (SLL) return type. I have an inner class called Node to deal with all the node references.

This is what I have so far:

public SLL<E> reverse() {
    Node<E> first = null;
    Node<E> current = this;  // produces compilation error
    while (current != null) {
        Node<E> save = current;
        current = current.next;
        save.next = first;
        first = save;
    return first;

I get the following compilation error:

Error: incompatible types required: myprog.SLL.Node found: myprog.SLL

I am just wondering how I would return the list with type SLL when dealing with Node. I also think my return statement might be wrong.

If you need more code to understand my question, just ask :)

Thanks in advance!

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SLL should be a class, with a 'head' or 'first' pointer to the first node in the list.

If you're meant to be returning an SLL, that would presumably be a new SLL with new nodes, copied in reverse-order from the original.

public SLL<E> reverse() {
    SLL<E> result = new SLL<E>();

    // copy Nodes into new list, in reverse order.
    Node<E> read = this.first;
    while (read != null) {
        // insert Copy, first;
        Node<E> copy = new Node<E>( read.getItem());
        copy.next = result.first;
        result.first = copy;
        // advance 'Read Position'.
        read = read.next;

    // done.
    return result;

If you're mutating the original SLL to reverse in-place (haven't checked whether your code even works for that), you shouldn't be returning an SLL result but just void.

Hope this helps.

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thanks for the help! – o.o May 12 '13 at 1:11

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