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I have client standard resource with CRUD, but I would like to make extension with action select, so that I can have select_clients_path(client). In clients_controller I have created action select, but I dont know how to create correct routing rule

for now I have created:

  resources :clients do
        get 'select'

but this generates /clients/select.2 but i would like somthing like /clients/select/2 or /clients/select?id=2

thank you


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resources :clients do
  collection do
    get :select

will create a 'clients/select' route, to which you can pass parameters like '?client_ids=2...' and work with several client records.


resources :clients do
  member do
    get :select

will create a 'clients/:id/select' route to work with a single client record

Take a look at http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#adding-more-restful-actions for more about this functionality, but those blocks will get you pretty far.

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