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I'm trying to use Storage mechanism in mozilla platform (in thundebird 3.0).

The following code is used after each test to erase the table present in the database:

function tearDown()
  let database = new Database();

  let req1 = "SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table'";
  let statement = database.connection.createStatement(req1);
  let tables = [];
  while(statement.executeStep()) {
  for(table in tables) {
    let req2 = "DROP TABLE " + tables[table];

But I've an error during executeSimpleSQL of req2 (NS_ERROR_FILE_IS_LOCKED), It seems that sqlite doesn't release the lock from the first statement. I've tried reset(), finalize() but nothing works. How can I properly release the lock of the first statement ?

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Answering myself: I forgot to release a previous statement in previous code of my application.

Final story: when you use



  • be sure that the last call of this statement return false
  • or never forgot to release it:


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var statement = dbConn.createStatement("SELECT COUNT(name) AS nameOcurrences FROM Table1 WHERE name = '" + aName + "';");

var occurrences;

while(statement.executeStep()) {
   occurrences = statement.row.nameOcurrences; 
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