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I am new in WordPress.I want to create a plugin.This plugin have admin panel for some settings and view page for the end users.Now for end user my page link is like


This url looks ugly.Is there any way that i can found the page id of my plugin view page when plugin will be activated and gives url link like this?


or is there any way when plugin will activated then i use single_template to show my view pages??
i want to show plugin view pages like template pages to end user. Any kind of help (provide useful resources,tricks,steps to do it) would be useful for me.

Another issues
I want create a shortcode for this plugin view page. I have googling and see some examples. I have done this so far in my plugin file:

function xx_footer_menu_link(){
     return "ADD TO FOOTER";

add_shortcode('my_plugin_xx',"xx_footer_menu_link" );

And I have added it to template footer like this:

 <?php echo  do_shortcode([my_plugin_xx]);  ?>

I also tried this with out PHP tag. It shows Array in footer as output. No link is appear in the footer. What am I missing here?

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Too many questions, you should focus on one issue per question. I'm voting to close as Not A Real Question. I see you don't have a WordPress Development account :) Research within the tag [plugin-development], you'll find lots of resources and examples. Final tips: read the page How to Ask and use the WYSIWYG tools to format your Question properly. . . . <?php echo do_shortcode('[my_plugin_xx]'); ?> –  brasofilo May 12 '13 at 3:22
Hi brasofilo,Thanks for response.I have asked 2 questions.First: plugin view page integration to theme with a page url.Second: shortcode problem. –  Awlad Liton May 12 '13 at 3:25
Hi brasofilo,shortcode is not working.I have tried us you said.it gives [my_plugin_xx] again.i also tried <?php echo do_shortcode([my_plugin_xx]); ?> it shows Array. –  Awlad Liton May 12 '13 at 3:38
I just return hello like this: return "hello"; but it gives output: Array –  Awlad Liton May 12 '13 at 3:54
Hi brasofilo, i have updated my question.Would you please take a look?? –  Awlad Liton May 12 '13 at 4:20

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Shortcode is now working fine.a little bit of change in calling shortcode like that <?php echo do_shortcode('[my_plugin_xx]Booking[/my_plugin_xx]'); ?>
Has done the issues.About first problem i have move my view page for front end users from the plugin directory to template directory as a template. Now After activate plugin admin need to create a blank page with my view page template.In my view page i put all my code and it works like a template page.In admin panel admin can add this tamplate to anywhere in the menu.

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