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I've implemented a jQuery mobile footer nav with the Html below.

<div data-role="navbar" id="footer-nav">
        <li><a id="nav1" href="">Nav 1</a></li>
        <li><a id="nav2" href="">Nav 2</a></li>

I have it set up so that various events show and hide the this using the the code below:


This works great but it just appears and disappears. Does anyone know how to have it slide in and out using a slide transition animation instead?

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Yes I do. Much thanks. If you want to put that as an answer I'll certainly accept it. – Ben Pearce May 12 '13 at 3:47
Updated my answer with another option if you wanna take a look. – PSL May 12 '13 at 4:03
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You can use SlideUp and slideDown for the effect that you are looking for.

Here i am making the div slideUp in the complete callback of slideDown animation so that this executes after the slideDown animation is complete.


$("#footer-nav").slideDown(1000, function(){

you can use delay(1000) in between if you want to have a delay between actions.

$("#footer-nav").slideDown(1000, function(){


Another way you can do this by using .show() and .hide() ui effects.


$('#footer-nav').show("slide", {
    direction: "up"
}, 1000, function () {

    $(this).delay(1000).hide("slide", {
        direction: "up"
    }, 1000);

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