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hey all i've code like this

if ([cellValue isEqualToString:@"Logout"])

        NSManagedObjectContext *localContext = [NSManagedObjectContext MR_contextForCurrentThread];
        [EUserBrief MR_truncateAllInContext:localContext];
        [DownloadList MR_truncateAllInContext:localContext];    

the code i want to truncate all data on entities [EUserbrief] and [DownloadList].. the code working fine, but after app terminate and i get in , EuserBrief data and downloadlist still there,,, any solution for this?

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You need to call

[localContext MR_save];

Your changes will not be persisted to any data store without saving.

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thanks cassademora –  Arie Prasetyo Sep 17 '13 at 6:50

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