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I need to create small web-site with static pages. I like Markdown for authoring HTML, but I don't like to do generation by myself.

I like GitHub, that can render .md files for me and I want to host on GitHub pages, but maybe later I will need to move. Well, this question may sound like "Jekyll alternatives", but I actually looking for the simplest way to get web site authoring with Markdown.

Things that I have found, but not tried yet:
http://jekyllrb.com/ is Ruby-based, I don't have time & intention to dig into it (though I sympathize and know a bit).

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Recommendations of static site generator which accepts Markdown documents?
Is there a command line utility for rendering github flavored markdown?

What framework can I use later (for example Node.js based)?

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Update: I have found that I can use Jekill without actually adding it to my project https://help.github.com/articles/using-jekyll-with-pages by adding _config.yml
So I don't get this weight.

For alternatives: From https://gist.github.com/davatron5000/2254924


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I have a small project on Github that compiles markdown to html: https://github.com/qawemlilo/node-blogger. @Paul pointed me to this question, I hope someone else may find it useful.

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http://jekyllrb.com/ is Ruby-based, I don't have time & intention to dig into it

That is the official site for Jekyll, so not an alternative.


As says on this page, it is for Wiki pages and not general Static web sites.

Well, this question may sound like "Jekyll alternatives", but I actually looking for the simplest way to get web site authoring with Markdown.

For the time being I am using jottit.com, although I do not know how long it will stay "current" as
it’s creator died.

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Nice, jottit has pushed simplicity even further. It reminds me Etherpad, creating document with one button click. –  Paul Verest May 12 '13 at 7:15
On the second thought, joytit is not answer to my question, as it is just service to host files (as web site). However I am looking for ways for authoring website with Markdown, possible frameworks to consider. @Steven Penny, I really haven't answer, but it was interesting. –  Paul Verest May 12 '13 at 7:19
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I'm the developer of StackEdit, a web based Markdown editor built on top of Pagedown. You can use it to write your Markdown (online or offline), preview it, and publish it directly to different websites (Blogger, Tumblr, GitHub, Dropbox, Google Drive) in Markdown format, HTML or using a template.

Here is the link to the Chrome application.

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That is very nice tool, but not something I can take home with me. (I mean web framework, that I can use with any web hosting service) –  Paul Verest May 13 '13 at 10:04
Well, I'm working on an extension to publish on any SSH server. I guess it would suite your need. –  benweet May 13 '13 at 10:07
If you are still interested, I just added SSH publishing capability on StackEdit. –  benweet May 20 '13 at 9:09
Somehow the product name is misleading. I expected that I can post edited doc to StackOverflow without problem... But I can't do that. –  Paul Verest May 20 '13 at 11:05
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If you're NodeJS guy, then you should probably go after the Grunt and your favorite template engine for setting up the static site. Not sure about the “site in two clicks”, but learning Grunt won't hurt anyway (it can be quite an ace in a pocket sometimes).

For brief example you can check out my repository rho which includes a simple site rhojs.org hosted on GitHub Pages. Essentially, you need to look at Gruntfile.js which configures the compilation tasks and the pages directory with templates and text files.

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Node-flatpages may fulfill your needs.

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Version 0.1.0 last updated 5 months ago –  Paul Verest Feb 13 at 5:27
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