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I have LAMP on my Mac Mountain Lion. My PHP was working fine. Then after restarting, it does not work until I run the following command in my terminal.

Do I have to run it all the time after restarting my laptop?

Thanks in advance.

memcached -d -m 24 -p 11211
telnet localhost 11211
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Yes, if you want to use memcached, then memcached has to be running...

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Which line do I need to run in order to initialize? –  shin May 12 '13 at 6:50
Some experimentation would show you that memcached -d -m 24 -p 11211 is the key here. –  Brad May 12 '13 at 6:54

Not too familiar with OSX, try to make it a startupitem, which should make it run on boot. http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2003/10/21/startup.html

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