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For some reason the queue hosted on windows azure is not respecting the .DefineEndpointName() configuration.

The queue name on Azure Bus is always named after the worker role that's hosting it. While this is fine, in general, I'd feel a lot better if there was an option to manually override the convention.

How can I define my own queue name?

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There is a configuration setting that can be used to control the queue name:

You can add it to your service configuration files like this,

<Setting name="AzureQueueConfig.QueueName" value="yourqueue" />

Or add it in app.config like this:

<AzureQueueConfig QueueName="yourqueue" />

PS: Define endpoint name should work as well, can you reproduce the issue in a small sample and file it as an issue on

Thanks, Yves

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Yves you're right if I speced it in the QueueName, it works fine, but it's not looking at the endpoint namespace at all. Thanks for the tip! I'll see if I can upload it as an issue. –  Alwyn May 12 '13 at 16:32

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