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Am trying to find the distance between a point [x1, y1] and the nearest point on the circle centered at [c1, c2] with radius 2? I devised the following equation for this

sqrt((p[0] - c[0]) ** 2 + (p[1] - c[1]) ** 2)

But the answer it returns an answer which seems to be wrong...

What am I doing wrong?

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Your formula calculates the distance to the center of the circle. Subtract the radius, and take the absolute value.

radius = 2
abs(sqrt((p[0] - c[0]) ** 2 + (p[1] - c[1]) ** 2) - radius)

Note: Yes, this will work for points on or inside the circle.

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Thanks a lot @RogerRowland That helped!!!! –  1_0 May 12 '13 at 8:03
What is the name of this formula? –  orlybg Oct 18 '14 at 22:34
@orlybg: I am not aware of any name. I created it from the Euclidean distance metric. –  Dietrich Epp Oct 18 '14 at 23:29

That will give you the distance between the point and the centre of the circle, not the nearest point on the circumference

See the answer here for an algorithm

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You are trying to minimize the distance to a point on the circumference, so I would use some calculus optimization. The solution is (x, y) below.

f(x, y) = (x - x1)^2 + (y - y1)^2 // the distance formula

(x - c1)^2 + (y - c2)^2 = 2 ^ 2 = 4 // the equation of the circle
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