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I have a PHP/MySQL application where I have users, groups, and rights :

  • Each user can be in 0..N groups
  • Each group can have 0..N users
  • Each user can have 0..N rights
  • Each right can be granted to 0..N users
  • Each group can have 0..N rights
  • Each right can be granted to 0,N groups

Here are my entity tables :

user_e :

  • id
  • login
  • password
  • etc...

group_e :

  • id
  • label

right_e :

  • id
  • label

And my association tables :

user_group_a :

  • userId references user_e.id
  • groupId references group_e.id

user_right_a :

  • userId references user_e.id
  • rightId references right_e.id

group_right_a :

  • groupId references group_e.id
  • rightId references right_e.id

Until now it's pretty straight forward, nothing really original. My problem is that i want a query that can "Get the distinct rights that are either granted to a user of given ID or to any of the group that user belongs to". Or put it in another way : "The (distinct) union of a given user's rights and his groups's rights)

For example :

  • group 1 has rights 1 and 2
  • group 2 has rights 6 and 7
  • user 1 is in groups 1 and 2
  • user 1 has rights 2, 3, and 4

Then user 1 has rights 1 and 2 (from group 1), 6 and 7 (from group 2) and 2, 3, 4 (from hisself). So in the end the query must return the rights 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7

So far i have the following query :

FROM   user_e U
       LEFT JOIN user_right_a UR
              ON U.id = UR.userid
       LEFT JOIN right_e R
              ON R.id = UR.rightid
       LEFT JOIN user_group_a UG
              ON U.id = UG.userid
       LEFT JOIN group_right_a GR
              ON UG.groupid = GR.groupid
                 AND R.id = GR.rightid
WHERE  U.id = 1  

But when i run it in my test database where i have put some test data (which i can provide if needed) it returns a single right with all attributes (id, label) set to NULL while it should return several rows.

What is wrong with this query ?

Thanks for your help :)

EDIT : HERE is the data : http://www.fileden.com/files/2007/8/1/1314138/test.sql (exported by phpmyadmin)

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there's no way to tell without the data –  Tudor Constantin May 12 '13 at 13:15
I edited my answer with a link to a .sql file that re-creates the db. –  Virus721 May 12 '13 at 13:19

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this should do the trick:

select distinct united.rightid
from (
select UR.userid userid, UR.rightid rightid
from user_right_a UR
where UR.userid=1


select UG.userid userid, GR.rightid rightid
from user_group_a UG
join group_right_a GR on UG.groupid=GR.groupid
) united
where united.userid=1
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At the first look it seems to be working, thanks for your help ! –  Virus721 May 12 '13 at 15:02

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