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i have hmvc structur from

modules content, create controller news_event, and for function view to detail view the structure like this

  • modules
    • ...
    • ...
    • content
      • controllers
        • ...
        • news_event.php

in news_event.php

i having 3 function,index, view and pages

 function index() { $this->pages(); }

 function pages($_pages = 1){ ... }

 function view($_id_uri = false){ ... }

i had success make

ht tp://


ht tp://

but its error when its load next view

ht tp://

i got error 404, but if i call with this url, success

ht tp://

my routing code is

 $route['news_event'] = 'content/news_event';
 $route['news_event/(:any)'] = 'content/news_event/view/$1';

how routes, if i want to access with

ht tp://

or this

ht tp://

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If your using a route file from within the module folder, the route name must start with the module name.


$route['default_controller'] = 'content';

$route['content/'] = '';

You could add the route in the normal routing file


$route['news_event'] = 'content/content/news_event';

The idea behind hmvc is to not call a module via the routing method, but rather call the module within the system itself(view or controller)

Modules::run('module/controller/method', $args);
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I respectfully disagree about the URL vs System calls. Calling a module via a URL directly allow independence of that module which in return allows better segregation. Using the system forces you to have some sort of proxy to Module::run the modules. – koxon Aug 2 '14 at 21:39

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