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I m using StoryBoard, and i have UITabBarController, and an UITabBarItem (User Profile), i want at the moment when i click on UITabBarItem (User Profile) to check if the user is connected or not before the view shown, i have two ViewContollers, one for sign in (SignInVC), and the other one to show user informations (UserProfileVC). So what i want to do, is if the user is connected, i'll show UserProfileVC, otherwise i'll show SignInVC.

May question is : How can i implement this ?

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This seems to be a very common problem that people get stuck on. I would make the UserProfileVC the controller in the first tab of the tab bar controller. In its viewDidAppear method, add logic to determine whether you want to show the SignInVC or not. If you do, use presentViewController:animated:completion: with animated set to NO, to display that controller -- it will be the first thing the user sees, if you choose to show it. If the user successfully logs in, dismiss that controller with dismissViewControllerAnimated:completion:.

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That's it, thank u :) –  raed May 12 '13 at 19:07

You could use the tabBarController:didSelectViewController: method of the UITabBarControllerDelegate know when the UserProfileVC or SignInVC is selected, and if appropriate, update the array of viewControllers as appropriate.

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But i m using storyboard, and i use segues to determine the link between UITabBarItem and UIViewContoller ! Do you think updating the array, its the only solution ? –  raed May 12 '13 at 15:51

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