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I am Trying to Implement the Dynamic Menus

i Have two Tables in my Database pbs_forms includes Form Path Form Path link etc enter image description here

Second Table Name is pbs_formsingroups it shows that form belongs to which group enter image description here

Here is how right now i am getting data in my view


foreach($GetForms as $key => $row){
    list($NavBar, $MainMenu, $SubMenu) = explode("/", $row['FormPath']);
    $arrayLeftMenuList = array();
    $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['NavBarMenuLink'] = $NavBar;
    $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['LeftMainMenu'] = $MainMenu;
    $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['LeftSubMenu'] = $SubMenu;
    $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['FormCIPath'] = $row['FormCIPath'];
    $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['MainMenu_OrderNo'] = $row['Order_MainMenu_No'];
    $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['SubMenu_OrderNo'] = $row['Order_SubMenu_No'];
    $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['HaveSubMenus'] = $row['SubMenu'];

Data is Coming from the Database Fine..

Now When i Try This in Code:

foreach($arrayLeftMenuList as $key => $value){
    echo $arrayLeftMenuList[$key]['LeftSubMenu'];

In Result I only Get


Instead I should Be Getting Both Search Prize Bond and Users?

Can Anyone Understand the Problem i have Stated above and Show me a solution that how to solve this issue?

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post output from var_dump($arrayLeftMenuList); – ahmad May 12 '13 at 15:21
@ahmad Found My Problem Actually, It was replacing the second value with the First Because it was not Multi Dimentional Array Acctualy.. My Mistake.. I Added The Answer. Thankyou for Response anyhow. – Sizzling Code May 12 '13 at 15:30
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My Mistake, Got The Solution, This was a Plain Mistake that i could not find before.

I changed

$arrayLeftMenuList = array();


$arrayLeftMenuList[$key] = array();

and now its working Great. :)

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