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I wrote a little code for bottom to top slideshow in Javascript. Explanation below.

<ul id="imgSlider1">
                <li><img width="284px" height="284px" src="asd.jpg"/></li>
                <li><img width="284px" height="284px" src="qwe.jpg"/></li>
                <li><img width="284px" height="284px" src="zxc.jpg"/></li>
                <li><img width="284px" height="284px" src="wer.jpg"/></li>
                <li><img width="284px" height="284px" src="ert.jpg"/></li>

window.onload = initAll;

function initAll(){
var img = document.getElementById("imgSlider1");
    if((parseFloat(window.getComputedStyle(img).top)) == -1160){
    img.style.top = 290 +"px";

var i = parseFloat(window.getComputedStyle(img).top);
var j = i-290;
slideIt(i, j, img);

function slideIt(initTop, finalTop, target){
    if(initTop == finalTop){
        window.setTimeout(initAll, 2000);
        target.style.top = (initTop - 1)+"px";
        var presentTop = parseFloat(window.getComputedStyle(target).top);
        var timeId = window.setTimeout(function(){ slideIt(presentTop, finalTop, target)} , 2)

What I have tried to do here: (I would have liked to provide the working example. But this code is not working on jsFiddle.) The 'initAll()' function gets the 'top' of the list and 'i' is assigned that value. Variable 'j' is assigned the 'i-290' (because 290px is the height of each image). Now 'i', 'j', and the target object (which is the list of images here) are passed to the next function 'slideIt()'. 'slideIt()' function subtracts '1px' each time from the 'top' of the target object and is called over and over again till 'top' becomes equal to 'finalTop'(which is value assigned to 'j'). when this condition is satisfied, the 'initAll' function is called back after 2 seconds.

My problem: The slideShow works but not as smooth as I want it to. The first and second images in the 'ul' slide up quite smoothly. After that, third image onwards there comes a little pause(may be about 0.5 seconds). Its clearly visible that it slows down third image onwards a bit. Why is it so?

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