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I have a result coming from a method that is either of kind TWTweetComposeViewControllerResult or SLComposeViewControllerResult.

I need to pass this to a method. Something like

[self doSomething:result];

How do I declare this method?

- (void) doSomething:(SLComposeViewControllerResult) result ?

- (void) doSomething:(TWTweetComposeViewControllerResult) result ?

- (void) doSomething:(NSNumber *) result ?
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Make two different methods that handle each. Each enum is a different type and should be treated as such. You can also forward the result on, using a boolean if you are just indicating success, or your own custom enum if you need more information.

- (void)doSomethingSL:(SLComposeViewControllerResult) result
   // made up, idk what the result enum would be be
   [self doSomething:(result == SLComposeSuccess)];

- (void)doSomethingTweet:(TWTweetComposeViewControllerResult) result 
   // made up, idk what the result enum would be be
   [self doSomething:(result == TWTweetSuccess)];

- (void)doSomething:(BOOL)success

If you are still convinced that you want to handle them in a uniform way and ignore types, you could always cast the results to an int in the method and forward them on.

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Both SLComposeViewControllerResult and TWTweetComposeViewControllerResult are both enums, with 0 meaning cancelled and 1 meaning done.

So any of these should be OK:

- (void) doSomething:(SLComposeViewControllerResult) result;
- (void) doSomething:(TWTweetComposeViewControllerResult) result;
- (void) doSomething:(NSInteger) result;

[edit] Note this comment in TWTweetComposeViewController.h:

// This class has been  deprecated in iOS 6. Please use SLComposeViewController (in the Social framework) instead.

So you should just use the SLComposeViewControllerResult version.

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Not without warning, especially if protocols are involved. –  Justin Meiners May 12 '13 at 16:30
No, it doesn't produce any warnings for any of them. –  Steve Waddicor May 12 '13 at 16:43
Thanks. I was suspecting the numbers could be the same but how did you discover they were NSIntegers? Anyway I have to support iOS 5 on this app, this is why I am using TWTweetComposeViewController. –  SpaceDog May 12 '13 at 16:50
In XCode, hold the Cmd key down and click on a variable or a type. You will be taken to where it was defined. –  Steve Waddicor May 12 '13 at 16:56

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