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I am having difficulty finding the answer to this question - I suspect because I'm probably not using the right terminology. I am using Meteor.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

Function A - returns the flickr userID based on userAPI and username
Function B - uses the userID generated by Function A

The problem I have is that Function B is completing before Function A has had a chance to retrieve the information from Flickr.

What is the best manner to delay Function B and somehow connect it to the successful completion of Function A?

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Since Meteor is an async framework built on top of Node, you have to think a little differently then you're probably used to. One way to do this would be as follows.

var a = function(cb){
  var flickerId = getFlickerId();


var b = function(flickerId){
  //do something with the id

//call it

I'm guessing you're using some framework that gets the flicker info for you. That framework probably has a function call which takes a callback like function 'a' above.

As the callback stack grows deeper and deeper this sort of code can become confusing. Once you have mastered the above, I suggest looking into https://github.com/kriskowal/q for a cleaner solution.

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