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I am a asp.net webforms developer (have 4 years of expirience), and have some expirience with MVC and razor engine + normal front end like jquery/templating and so on. Im used to build sites up from scratch. Yesterday ive got an idea to learn one of the CMS systems which everybody talks about. I chose Umbraco to be the system of my choice. Ive lerned some basics like templating, document types, content handling and so on.

Right now i really dont see when i should use umbraco and when to use plain asp.net webforms/MVC to build a website.

Can anybody explain me what is it that make umbraco so good that alot of people use it? The only thing i can see is that it makes some clear structure of a webpage.

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IMHO fundamentally, you need to know the difference between a CMS and the ASP.Net platform. As a developer you will need to know ASP.Net to extend/customize Umbraco to your specific needs. – EdSF May 13 '13 at 3:43
I answered a question like this once: stackoverflow.com/questions/10698543/… – Andy May 13 '13 at 18:22
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As with all other Content Management Systems (CMS), they are build for the end-users to manage the content of their website in an easy way without the need of understanding, html, php or other programming languages. Besides this, Umbraco is a powerful and flexible CMS build on the ASP.NET Framework and it is free and open-source.

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