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I am trying to run bundle install --without production after adding the pg gem for heroku but I get this error: There was an error in your Gemfile, and Bundler cannot continue.


gem 'rails', '3.2.13'
gem 'pusher'
gem 'jquery-rails'

group :production do
    gem 'pg'

group :development, test do
    gem 'sqlite3'

group :assets do
    gem 'sass-rails',   '~> 3.2.3'
    gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 3.2.1'
    gem 'uglifier', '>= 1.0.3'
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group :development, test do -> missing : before test –  ben May 12 '13 at 21:18
You're awesome thanks so much! –  Paul Burger May 12 '13 at 21:21

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