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So I've tried a bunch of plugins, to no avail. Wordpress continues to foil me with its default behaviours. Here's what's needed:

  • An events page, which lists the events, and has the time of the event (NOT the time it was posted), location, and an excerpt/blurb/summary
  • a left sidebar of said events page needs to have a calendar which shows each even on the day it happens, NOT when it was posted (right sidebar is working fine)
  • Each event must have its own page, with a left sidebar that doesn't have the calendar, but a list of the next few upcoming events.
  • Each event must ALSO have a right sidebar that is particular to that event, with a register link (leads out to Eventful), and the meta details of the event (date, time, location, etc.)
  • the main content of each event needs to have an "Overview" area and an "Agenda" area. These can just be blocks of text, or one large block with headers

Anybody have any thoughts on how I might accomplish? I first tried setting them up as posts with custom fields for the meta, and that worked well EXCERPT for the calendar part and the dates (being when they were posted, not when they're actually happening). I might go back to the client & renegotiate some things, but I'd rather deliver. Help!

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Stop using Wordpress and write whatever you need yourself.

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Yeah, the events calendar isn't the only thing I'm doing with WP, it just happens to be one of the features the client requested. So that's not really an option. – jeffbyrnes Nov 1 '09 at 17:36

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