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For security reasons, I want to add and remove properties of documents before publishing them to the client, depending on some dynamic calculations. I follow the Meteor documentation and this other SO question.

For example simplicity, say I try to add the following static property to every document (SERVER SIDE ONLY):

var Docs = new Meteor.Collection('docs', {
    transform: function (f) {
        console.log('Tagging doc: ' + f._id);
        f.myProp = 1;
        return f;

For some strange reason, this does not work:

  1. Only some documents trigger the transform function, not all (I can see this through the console logging)
  2. On the client side, none of the documents are tagged with myProp

I haven't tried to put the transform on both the client and the server, because in my real life app I cannot do the necessary computation on the client.

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Transform functions on collections are intended for convenience, not security -- note that when you call observeChanges on a cursor, the information is not passed through the transform function (it is passed through the transform when you call observe). The default way of publishing a cursor works by calling observeChanges on it.

If you want to strip off fields of a cursor you're publishing, use the fields option to find on your collection. If you want to do something more complicated, you can explicitly do whatever computation you need if your publish function calls added, changed, and removed itself, instead of returning a cursor. Check out the docs for Meteor.publish for details.

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Is there a way to tack on and send add-on/virtual fields from the server to the client, via publications? –  Dan Dascalescu Mar 10 '14 at 12:30

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