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I am working on my first significant Ember.js app, and have been running into some roadblocks. After hitting one-too-many show-stopping bugs with ember-data, I have decided to roll my own models using Ember.Object (for now at least - ember-data looks like it will be real awesome, real soon).

My basic model structure is:

  • Album (has photo album-specific attrs, and references a collection of images)
  • Images (an ArrayProxy collection of Image models, which tracks collection-level attrs like 'currentImage', and 'nextImage')
  • Image

I have a {{#linkTo}} helper in my template that is supposed to allow the user to click to the next image in the set, like so:

    {{#linkTo image controllers.images.nextImage}}
        Next Image

This template has the context of the AlbumController, which needs: ["images"]. controllers.images.nextImage is a computed property, that figures out ID of the currently-displayed image, then uses it to find the Image model for the next model in the Images ArrayProxy collection.

My problem is this:

Upon page load, I receive an error message Uncaught Error: assertion failed: Cannot call get with 'id' on an undefined object.

I'm assuming this is because the {{#linkTo}} helper is trying to get the id property from the return of controllers.image.nextImage, which is a computed property that relies on the Images collection being loaded from the server. This async behaviour is being handled with promises behind-the-scenes, but the {{#linkTo}} helper seems to required a valid context to be returned immediately upon page load.

My questions are these:

  • Has anybody else had to handle this kind of situation, where they're not using ember-data and had to use {{#linkTo}} helpers with computed properties that weren't immediately available?
  • Can anyone suggest workarounds that don't fight Ember's way of doing things?

Some of my thoughts are:

  • make the computed property return a dummy context, that somehow gets replaced with a valid model after load
  • use an {{#action}} helper instead of {{#linkTo}}

I have written up a JSBin example which is mostly code-complete, except I couldn't manipulate the hash URL to trigger the nested routes, so I had to do everything in the application template.

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I have successfully worked around the issue by using an {{action}} helper, and making a reasonable assumption that the action won't be triggered until the required data is loaded. It still feels like I'm missing something key about Ember and {{#linkTo}}, but perhaps future improvements in ember-data will make this a non-issue. –  timmy May 12 '13 at 23:38
I am having the exact same issue. Anyone have any insights here? –  digitalpixelpro Jun 23 '13 at 21:57
You could put the link in an if, like ''if id then show link'' ore something. –  Bram Jul 11 '13 at 6:11
I think this issue is resolved since ember 1.0.0. The linkTo helper will "wait" for the model to be available –  sly7_7 Sep 20 '13 at 20:54

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