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So this question is two years old:

Querying embedded objects in Mongoid/rails 3 ("Lower than", Min operators and sorting)

and the way it recommends to query nested objects with less than or greater than:

current_user.trips.where('start.time' => {'$gte' =>}).count

simply doesn't work, it returns 0 for the numerous queries I have like this which is wrong. I've also tried

current_user.trips.where(:'start.time'.gte =>}).count

which is also 0. None of these actually throw an error.

What is the correct syntax for querying nested elements nowadays? Seems to be a fair bit of confusion over this.

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Deleted my answer so that others try to answer, sorry I could not help... – Raindal May 12 '13 at 23:05
@Sparda its grand, thanks for helping, your original answer seemed close – Niall May 12 '13 at 23:06

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It works as you expect in my environment. (mongoid 3.1.3)

class User
  include Mongoid::Document
  embeds_many :trips

class Trip
  include Mongoid::Document
  embeds_one :start
  embedded_in :user

class Start
  include Mongoid::Document
  field :time, type: DateTime
  embedded_in :trip

User.create({ trips: [{ start:{ time: 5.days.ago }) }),{ start:{ time: 2.days.from_now }) })
] })

current_user = User.where({}).first

p current_user.trips.where('start.time' => {'$gte' =>}).count
p current_user.trips.where(:'start.time'.gte =>

The above code outputs the following:


Is $gte really correct? It is a common mistake to use the opposite sign when comparing dates.

Or it might be because you are using older version of Mongoid.


You can check queries Mongoid generates with the following code:

Mongoid.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
Moped.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG
Mongoid.logger =$stdout)
Moped.logger =$stdout)

This is useful for debugging.

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Thanks for answering :) I don't want to use embeds_one/embedded_in, rather I'm using has_one/belongs_to, don't think thats causing the problem. Version is the same, still giving me back zero, even when current_user.trips.first.start.time is fine... – Niall May 13 '13 at 8:12
has_one is different from embeds_one. MongoDB doesn't support Join operation. Outputting logs of Mongoid will help you understand the difference. – Akihiro HARAI May 13 '13 at 14:07
Oh I know that, thats why I pointed it out! That could be it. – Niall May 13 '13 at 14:10
Nested querying which uses has_one/has_many relation is impossible in MongoDB. This is a limitation of MongoDB and even Object Document Mapper cannot solve it. – Akihiro HARAI May 13 '13 at 22:20

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