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I need to make a js file more friendly as node.js module

It has a bunch of statements like these

function someFunction(jjjj){

and they need to be transformed into

exports.someFunction = function(jjjj){

Even better would be if there is a call to someFunction in the code someFunction(bla);

it would be replaced with exports.someFunction as well.

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You can use replace-regexp:

M-x replace-regexp <RET> \(function\) \(.*\)(\(.*\)){ <RET> export.\2 = \1(\3))

I'm not sure you can replace the codes of calling the functions, however, if there is a pattern, you could try.

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Looks good. Let's mention also query-replace-regexp, which would work respective, but works step by step, permits to check/refine the regexp. –  Andreas Röhler May 13 '13 at 14:57

This is something I'd handle with keyboard macros, here's how I'd do it with some comments:

  1. C-x ( start recording macro
  2. C-sfunctionRETC-fM-dC-aexports.C-y=M-fC-d this is the whole macro. Highlighted text is the text you'd type. There are spaces around =, but they won't show up in the markup.
  3. C-x ) end defining a macro.
  4. You can now use C-x e to repeat the macro (note that once you see a function you don't want to export - you can simply move the point past that function definition). Or you could C-x C-k bC-x x bind the macro to C-x x for the duration of the Emacs session, so that if you record another one, you could later re-use it.
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