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I would like to ask are there any sittuations that Esau-Williams algorithm may be useful? I know that it is used to solve CMST problem, but I can't find any sittuation that CMST problem may appear.

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For the curious (not necessarily an answer) - Revisiting Esau-Williams' Algorithm (CiteSeerX) – Steve314 May 12 '13 at 23:40

According to Wikipedia, "CMST problem is important in network design: when many terminal computers have to be connected to the central hub, the star configuration is usually not the minimum cost design. Finding a CMST that organizes the terminals into subnetworks can lower the cost of implementing a network."

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As the name suggests, CMST stands for Capacitated Minimum Spanning Tree where each nodes have limited capacity to connect to other nodes. This makes a node to connect to limited number of other nodes depending on the node's capacity. Typically in any practical applications, a minimum spanning tree is not the only objective. There can be a lot of other constraints as well, for instance, in a network design the maximum amount of data that the output port of router(node) can handle is one capacity constraint. This marks the importance on heuristic algorithms like Esau-Williams CMST algorithm, Modified Kruskal CMST Algorithm etc.. Like networking any field which uses graphs, for example logistics, based on their constraints can use heuristic algorithms like Esau-William

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