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How to read and write ini files: I want to add new property to an existing one. I want to write the ini file to temp file and finally add the new property to it. the new property will have head,name,desc, value and layout (like: line 1 & 3)

# head
# --------------
[name]% type
# desc

fileData = [];
fh = fopen( fileName, 'r' ); % read handle
wfh =fopen(tname,'w'); % write handle
line = fgetl(fh);
val = '';
Prop ='';
type = '';
header = '';
desc= '';

while ischar(line)

    if strcmpi(line(1),'#') && strcmpi(line(3),'=')
        layout = line(2:end);
    elseif strcmpi(line(1),'#')&& ~strcmpi(line(3),'=')
        header = line(2:end);
        Prop = regexp(line,{'\[*\w+\]\s*%\s*.*\s*'},'match');
    [property data_type] = strtok(Prop,'%')
    prop_p = property{1};% property_name
    prop_per  = regexprep(prop_p,{'\[','\]'},'');
    prop = prop_per{1};
    Dtype = data_type{1}; % datatype
    dtype = strtrim(strrep(Dtype,'%',''));
    DATA_type = dtype{1};


 % How can i define filedname (prop) for the 'layout' and 'header' as they are found in lines before the actual'prop'.

  % From command window

  % Undefined variable prop.

  % Error in ecco2511>add (line 212)
  % fileData.(prop{1}).layout = layout;

    desc = fgetl(fh); % description
    desc = desc(1:end);
    line = fgetl(fh);
    val = line(1:end);

    fileData.(prop).layout = layout;
    fileData.(prop).header = header;
    fileData.(prop).type = DATA_type;
    fileData.(prop).desc = desc;
    fileData.(prop).val = val;

    line = fgetl(fh); % keep reading


if ~isfield( fileData, propName)
    fileData.(propName).val = newVal;
    fileData.(propName).type = datatype;
    fileData.(propName).desc = description;
    fileData.(propName).layout = layout;
    fileData.(propName).header = header;

    error ( 'property %s already exists, use set to change its value',propName );

fileData = orderfields( fileData );
propNames = fieldnames( fileData );

for ii = 1:numel( propNames )

    fprintf( wfh, '[%s]%s\r', (propNames{ii}),fileData.(propNames{ii}).type);
    fprintf( wfh,'#%s\r',fileData.(propNames{ii}).desc);
    fprintf( wfh,'%s\r',fileData.(propNames{ii}).val);
[status,errmsg]= movefile(tname,fileName,'f');
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fprintf( wfh, '[%s]%%%s\r', propNames{ii},fileData.(propNames{ii}).type); One of the parameters you are passing through %s is not a string, just add whos 'variable name' for both variables before your fprintf line and then a breakpoint or "keyboard" after that and post what does it say. Someone may help. – sridutt May 13 '13 at 2:39
Hi Sridutt, that is right the propName & type variable are cells. I would appreciate any help on this. Name Size Bytes Class Attributes propNames 2x1 244 cell – Peter John May 13 '13 at 6:16
Try cell_variable_name{index_number} to extract the cell contents as strings. – sridutt May 13 '13 at 9:40
Hallo Sridutt , could you check my updated code. thanks – Peter John May 13 '13 at 13:58
Shai , Thanks . However why i'm getting cell type while i use : 'string = cell_variable_name{index_number}' to extract string content of the cell . That is the reason i am getting the error. – Peter John May 13 '13 at 14:32
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Sounds like you need INI Config from MATLAB File Exchange. It will allow you to read, write, and modify INI style files. I have used it a number of times and it works quite well.

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