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These are the columns (simplifying):

myDate as Date
theMonths as int

Then I create a computed column finalDate in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2, with this formula:

(dateadd(month, theMonths, myDate))

Very simple. But there is an error:

Error validating formula

The error occurs only if I insert the formula through the integrated assistant in Management Studio. Not occurs when create column through T-SQL query.

If I change myDate type to Datetime, there's no error, but I can't change the table structure.

I try this:

(dateadd(month, theMonths, CONVERT(Datetime, myDate)))

The error persists.

I created the column directly in T-SQL using the following:

ADD [finalDate] AS (dateadd(month,[theMonths],[myDate])) PERSISTED

It works fine, the column is created, the data is computed when insert-update. The problem is in the Management Studio.

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Try this one -

CREATE TABLE dbo.[test]
    theMonths INT NOT NULL DEFAULT ((0)),
    finalDate AS (DATEADD(MONTH, theMonths, myDate)) PERSISTED

INSERT INTO dbo.[test] (myDate, theMonths)
VALUES('20130101', 5) 

SELECT * FROM dbo.[test]
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I run your query and it works fine, creates the table and column is calculated correctly. Then I go to the database browser in SQL Management Studio, select the table and, for example, created a new column using menu comands. I try, and keep the error (Error validating formula). Everything works goods, but there is a message which, of course, is unacceptable to my bosses. – Rodrigo May 13 '13 at 14:28

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