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I'm writing a horse race/bet game using Shoes and I was wondering how I would be able to change the GUI in different areas of code. When I run this, I get the horse on one application and then the race line on another application, but I want them both on the same application. Do I need to set the actual Shoes app as a variable itself?

class Horse 
  def initialize()
    #puts "YOYOYOYO"
      @icon= image 'horsey.jpg'
      @icon.left = 100 = 50

  def neigh()
    #puts "Neighhhh"

  def raceTime()
    return time+10

class HorseIcon
  def initialize(h)
    @horse= h

class Game
  def initialize(h1, h2)
    contestants=[h1, h2]{
      @icon= image 'raceline.jpg'
      @icon.left = 100 = 70

  def race()

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You are using two separate classes. I think that's your problem.

Judging by your code you seem to have a background in some other language, like Python. I suggest you clone the Shoes git and look at 'Shoes/samples' directory and play around with it. Or just look at this.

It will help you see what the code should look like.

PS : It will also give you some pointers toward Ruby style. You normally don't use {} for block when using multiple lines. You would use: do
      # code goes here
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