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What I have is a vendor performance report and I have a column that calculates early/late days,

Example: -7 22 3 -14 2 -1

I need a formula that will tell me how many line where 1 to 7 days early
8 to 14 days early +15 days And also opposite how many days where late in the same format.

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I think you would probably want to use a running total for this to count the fields for each category. You should be able to create a running total that evaluates using a formula which will specify you date range.

Below is an example of the formula for one of the running total fields you could create:

{Vendors;1.vendor_dt} > CurrentDate //this is for the "late" category

Hope this helps.

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That sounds like you'd want to do a few COUNT() queries. (Assuming you're using SQL.)

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We are using a program called Epicor which runs SQL, Do you have any example i am very new to this. –  Ennio Verderese Oct 30 '09 at 20:20

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