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I have a Rails controller action that functions as shown:

def rand
    if !params.has_key?(:name)
      rand_mymodel = Mymodel.offset(rand(Mymodel.count)).first
      redirect_to "/crawl/" + rand_mymodel.name
    @model = Mymodel.where("name = ?", params[:name])[0]

With the route:

get "crawl/:name" => "mymodel#rand"
get "crawl/" => "mymodel#rand"

How can I allow for a . to appear in the :name attribute but replace it with %2E in the route/URL (similar to how space is replaced with %20)

I want to allow for . to appear in :name

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Did you check the respective Guide?

By default the :id parameter doesn’t accept dots – this is because the dot is used as a separator for formatted routes. If you need to use a dot within an :id add a constraint which overrides this – for example :id => /[^/]+/ allows anything except a slash.

The same is true for your name:

get "crawl/:name" => "mymodel#rand", name: /[^\/]+/
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