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When I run the first script that calls a second script no files are created.

However, when I call the second one directly with the same code as it appears on the "echo", it runs as expected.' Therefore, I really don't get what's wrong, as the code runs separately.

./first_script.sh 2 ../espn

First Script:

echo "$2/$1" > format.temp
echo "./second_script.sh $format"
./second_script.sh $format

Here's the code of the second script (nested one):


for file in $files
    sed 's/"\([^"]*\)"/"foo"/' $file > $file\_2
    sed -i 's/"foo",//g' $file\_2
    sed -i 's/[0-9]g//gi' $file\_2
    sed -i 's/[^,.0-9]//g' $file\_2

Note-> The files are in the folders:



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Try putting in back ticks like this : ` ./second_script.sh $format ` –  sidharth c nadhan May 13 '13 at 5:14
I just tried, it still didn't work. :/ –  Kyllopardiun May 13 '13 at 5:29

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Note-> The files are in the folders:



What does it mean?? first file in first directory and second in second?? I think your problem is with the path to access second file

try calling the second script using abslute path ('path begins from /')
if espn is in you home folder

~/espn/2g.tfidf/discover/second_script.sh $format

try adding echo statments in second file to make sure its accessible

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