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I want to remove the NSOutlineView's show/hide button.So,I override the NSOutlineView and get the mouseDown event.The follow is the code.

    -(void)mouseDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent
    NSLog(@"LeftFolderListOutlineView mouseDown");
    [super mouseDown:theEvent];

    NSPoint localPoint = [self convertPoint:theEvent.locationInWindow
    NSInteger row = [self rowAtPoint:localPoint];

    id clickedItem = [self itemAtRow:row];

    if (![clickedItem isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary class]]) {

    if ([self isItemExpanded:clickedItem]) {

        [[self animator] collapseItem:clickedItem];

        [[self animator] expandItem:clickedItem];


It should be a scroll animation when the NSOutlineView collapse or expand.But in this case it's not working.Anyone tell me why and how can I improve this?

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To remove 'show/hide button' (outline cell) you could implement - (NSRect)frameOfOutlineCellAtRow:(NSInteger)row method in the NSOutliveView subclass and return NSZeroRect.

NSOutlineView collapse/expand animation is not animatable via animator.

Only OS 10.7 or above provide collapse/expand animation effects. So it you planed to support older OS versions you need to provide separate implementation.

If you want to provide collapse/expand animation on OS 10.6 or below, you definitely needed to override 'drawRect' of NSOutlineView.

-- Update --

Sorry, I think I neglected the main point. 10.7 expand/collapse animation is automatically kick in only when users clicked the outline cell. If we want to show the animation without default outline cells, there is no other way but manually implementing animation effects, I think.

I made a sample project that implement expand/collapse animation effects with image drawing. Check the source codes in here: https://github.com/roh0sun/ovanimation

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But my system is os 10.7,I want to know how to let the animation work –  gohamgx May 13 '13 at 8:04
I have read your code.I think your project can complete the image draw animation.But the expand/collapse animation is still not working. –  gohamgx May 15 '13 at 2:27

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