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How to search word from Lucene index String field ?

i have lucene index with field TITLE ,containts Document titles

eg:TV not working,Mobile not working

i want to search particular word from title .

code below gives me result from Full content,if i change FULL_CONTENET to TITLE then i dont get any results.

Query qry = null;
qry = new QueryParser(FULL_CONTENT, new SimpleAnalyzer()).parse("not");
Searcher searcher = null;
searcher = new IndexSearcher(indexDirectory);
Hits hits = null;
hits = searcher.search(qry);
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How did you index your documents? –  jpountz May 13 '13 at 13:52

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As "NOT" is a Lucene query syntax operator, that may be your problem.

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The problem is StringAnalyzer applies a Lower Case filter. Your query will be in lower case:

e.g. title:mobile.

StringField doesn't apply any analysis so your text will be indexed as is. If you change StringField to TextField it will be analyzed by the StringAnalyzer and get converted to lower case in the index.

If you replace StringAnalyzer with WhitespaceAnalyzer there is no Lower Case filter and it will work again (because your query doesn't get converted to lower case).

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