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I am getting an error like "No Such Column while compiling DELETE FROM table". please help

public String getData() {

    String[] columns = new String []{KEY_ROWID, KEY_HEADER, KEY_QUOTE_VALUE};

    Cursor c = ourDatabase.query(DATABASE_TABLE, columns, null, null, null, null, null);
    String result = "";

    int iRow = c.getColumnIndex(KEY_ROWID);
    int iHeader = c.getColumnIndex(KEY_HEADER);
    int iQuote_value = c.getColumnIndex(KEY_QUOTE_VALUE);

    for (c.moveToFirst(); !c.isAfterLast(); c.moveToNext()){
        result = result + c.getString(iRow)+ "@" +c.getString(iHeader)+ ":" +c.getString(iQuote_value)+ ":";

    return result;


public void deleteEntry(String Deldata1) throws SQLException {
        ourDatabase.delete(DATABASE_TABLE, KEY_HEADER + "=" + Deldata1 , null);



please help me

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what you need ? Where is your delete query. –  JDeveloper May 13 '13 at 7:28

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The Deldata1 variable is probably not initialized to a quoted string.

Print the value of KEY_HEADER and Deldata1 in the deleteEntry function before the delete call.

Atleast one should be the name of a table in the database. The other can be a table name or a quoted string.

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