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I have a lot of tables on a page with variable amounts of content in them. I am trying to use page-break-inside: avoid; so that each table section is not broken over 2 pages.

It is working in all browser but not in IE 10. a blank page gets added on print-preview/print

how i remove this extra blank page.

Following link wiil show my test page and on print preview you see a blank page on page no 2

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Maybe this time the HTML will show: says re page-break-before:

"This property applies when printing the document. This property does not apply to the br or hr elements."

So if you applied your page break to a <BR> element as in:

<BR style="page-break-before:always">

Just apply it to a <P> element instead and it will work:

<P style="page-break-before:always"></P>
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The question is about page breaks in the printed output, more specifically in the print preview. – andygavin Aug 20 '13 at 22:46

IE10 Is doing the exact same thing for me. Unfortunately the only fix I have been able to find is to use Compatibility Mode. Hopefully this is something that will be fixed in future updates.

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